We are El Movimiento

Architectural Scenographics


We design contemporary audiovisual spaces

creating new ways of perception


Our Inspiration

is the use of light in different forms


Our Concept

El Movimiento is an electronic multicultural group, Formed by a group of young independent artists, specialized in creating audiovisual experiences through the design of spaces combining contemporary architecture, lighting design techniques, video-mapping and live Visuals.


Get Lost / El Cubo

Get Lost / Laten roots

Harry Klein / Reaktor Instalation

Chiemsee Summer / Cubo Club

Get Lost / Reaktor V.02

Fusion Festival / Reaktorsystem

Get Lost Festival / Reaktor V.01

Zamma Fest / Video mapping


Mariano Cuassolo
David Buchleitner

Lukas Huber
Carlos Otalora

Felix Webber
Esteban Tolocka


Hello, we would be glad to work with you, feel free to contact us for any inquiries, or just to say hello !

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El Movimiento / Architectural Scenographics
Ganzenmüllerstrasse 2 – 85354 Freising / Germany
Tel : +49 160 1219616 E-mail : marianocuassolo@gmail.com